3D Work

After I graduated from art school, I spent several years creating and exhibiting the painted constructions shown in the gallery below.  Click on a thumbnail  to view it in full. If you wish to escape completely, scroll back to the top menu.

Infused with South Pacific imagery, I wanted to build pieces that not only challenged our notions of the dividing lines between painting and sculpture but also reflected the gorgeous New Zealand landscape and its vibrant multi-cultural inhabitants.

Popular with collectors, they now hang in homes and offices throughout New Zealand. While I’m delighted they all sold, like an irresponsible parent, I’ve lost track of where most of my creations are.

Bear in mind these images come with a FUZZINESS AND BAD COLOUR ALERT.  They were digitized from old slides (taken on ancient and primitive devices called non-digital cameras) and the originals are much brighter.

I’ve picked out a few the best images I could find, but there are many more of my constructions out there in the world.

It would be wonderful to include them all, so if you own and have a picture of one (or a better picture than the one on this site) please send it to me and I will post it here and, if you like, include your name under the work. Please get in touch with me via my contacts page.

Also, I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve forgotten the titles of some of these pieces  (I made them a long time ago). So if you own one and know the title (it’ll be on the back!) I’d love to hear from you.



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