What if this life we’re living is just one of many?

That’s the theme I’m exploring in my series The Broken Soul Chronicles –  stories about a pair of immortal soul mates who return to earth at critical times in human history. Separated  by a vast social and ideological abyss and, not always at first recognizing one another,  in each story they must overcome insurmountable obstacles in order to reunite.

I’m part way through the next two books –  one in which they arrive in a not-too-distant but very dysfunctional future and another set in Ancient Babylon.

Meanwhile, I’m thrilled to announce the Infidel’s Garden, the  first book in the series, is now available. Click here to read the prologue and first two chapters.


 Book cover 5 ver 2 bewitched

Here’s a brief synopsis.

The late Middle Ages isn’t a great time to be an orphaned young woman. Or a Moor. So when Marjit, the recently baptized hater of Christian men is sent to the city of Hertogenbosch to work for a wealthy family as a gardener and scullery maid, she is told she should feel grateful.

Here in this bawdy Dutch household filled with animals, supersitious servants and lurid Christian art, nineteen year old Marjit, still secretly loyal to her Sufi Muslim faith, must find a way to fit in. Stalked by a cleric with unholy intentions, the independent and outspoken Marjit struggles to balance her desire to belong with her powerful sense of justice. Then, when she falls in love with her married Christian master and arouses the suspicions of his drunken, shrewish wife, she finds herself living on the knife-edge of disaster.

Tensions grow as Marjit models for Hieronymus Bosch, the famous Dutch artist. Finally, at the unveiling of Bosch’s painting commissioned by Marjit’s master, resentments boil over into a series of revelations that scandalise the city and turn the Dutch household upside down.  What follows is a terrible betrayal that forces Marjit to confront the ghosts of her past and shakes the foundations of her faith. Heartbroken, the spirited Marjit finally realizes she must find her own path towards justice, peace and forgiveness.


Click on a link below to purchase the book.


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Sorry, iBooks is beyond my grasp. It is available on iBooks but I think you need to download it directly to your Apple device.

Just search by author name or book title – I know it’s there!

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