Writing took me by surprise.

If someone told me twenty years ago I’d one day publish a short story in a science magazine and then later self-publish an historical romance, I would have  left the room laughing.

Initially, I took up writing as a way to stay sane while raising small children. This shift from images to words and stories was accelerated after walking into my studio one day to find a pair of toddlers hovering over a newly finished painting with a marker pen.

I quickly discovered writing is easier to hide from mischievous little hands and, unlike a freshly mixed color, words don’t form a crust after a few hours of neglect.

So, many years after high school English all but killed my interest in literature, I once more embraced reading and writing. (This quote by Susan Sontag expresses my feeling exactly.)


Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art.

Susan Sontag.


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