Finally! It looks as though everything is up and running.     The Infidel’s Garden is now available across multiple eBook platforms including iBooks, Amazon Kindle and Kobo.

It’s free for a while on all sites except Amazon where it costs less than a cup of coffee (or at least a Sydney cup of coffee).

For a little taste of the book, here’s the link to the book trailer which has  been uploaded to Youtube.

The music is Prince Waldecks Galliard by Blackmore’s Night. The sources of the very-fiddled-with-artwork are mine and royalty-free images from Wikimedia Commons.


Here are links to the book.


iBooks – sorry I can’t work  this one out – you’ll have to do a hunt on your iPad. Author name and  book title will bring it up on the iBook store.



Barnes and Noble Nook

Thanks for taking the time to have a look. If you do read the book and enjoyed it, a review (on Goodreads, Amazon, iBooks etc)  would be wonderful and will make many people ( including this author)  happy.

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